Free DNS Hosting Services

I found some useful free dns hosting services and thought would be good if post them to the blog. I feel that in next days I will need to try and examine them closer.

DNS hosting may used for if you have dynamic IP and also have a web server on your local computer. When the IP changed the server will no more accessable. But if a dynamic dns service used, this is not problem.

Another reason for dns hosting is, if you need more control on your dns records.

And of course there is much more advanced reasons for using dns hosting.
For example: Round robin DNS, Wildcard domain names, Low TTL, Dynamic DNS, instant updates, etc.

And here are a some of dns hosting services. All of them have trial/free options.

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editor 01/12/2013 20:58:28
Thanks malc,
That site removed from the list.
malc 01/12/2013 18:51:06
Dyn no longer offer free services :(
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