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Welcome everyone!

I am in Turkey and my job is computer and web programming.

Before 3-4 years ago, I started my own personal site called www.mbirgin.com.
When I learned something special on programming, I tried them on this site.
So this site improved me very much... Of course, I improved that site, too. :)

In this site I intented to put content that I likes...
But when the time passed, I saw many visitors also likes them. 
And the site began to get traffic from other contries. 

That site language was Turkish... For much more visitors, I am started to think to create an English site or blog with the similar or featured content.
And now, I am happy to be started this blog. 

One more reason to creating this blog is here...
I am learning English and want to improve my English skills...
I am learning new things... But I don't practice them enough... So, after times, I could forget them.

I remembered when I was created www.mbirgin.com and improved it. And then I saw it was improved me.

And now, I intented to create blog.mbirgin.com and improve it.
And I hope this will improve me in English and also on my job. 

The times will show... Maybe this blog will be a special teacher for me. Of couse with real practice, not only sample sentences. 

Welcome again. 

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