Sami Yusuf (Music Videos)

l like Sami Yusuf's great works! They are worth to be listened continuously. And the lyrics very meaningful.

You can find a couple of Sami Yusuf's songs and music videos here.

Enjoy listening and watching!

  1. Sami Yusuf - Al Muallim
  2. Sami Yusuf - Asma Allah
  3. Sami Yusuf - Hasbi Rabbi (Allah-u Allah)
  4. Sami Yusuf - He is There
  5. Sami Yusuf - Healing (Official Video)
  6. Sami Yusuf - Hear Your Call (Official Video)
  7. Sami Yusuf - I'm Your Hope (Official Video)
  8. Sami Yusuf - In Every Tear, He Is There
  9. Sami Yusuf - Mother (Arabic Version)
  10. Sami Yusuf - Mother (Farsi Version)
  11. Sami Yusuf - Mother (Türkçe)
  12. Sami Yusuf - Munajat (Arabic)
  13. Sami Yusuf - Munajat (Türkçe)
  14. Sami Yusuf - Never Forget (Live)
  15. Sami Yusuf - Supplication
  16. Sami Yusuf - You Came To Me
  17. Sami Yusuf - You Came To Me (Arabic Version)
  18. Sami Yusuf - You Came To Me (Farsi Version)
  19. Sami Yusuf - You Came To Me (Türkçe)
  20. Sami Yusuf - Forgotten Promises

For more of Sami Yusuf's official music videos and lyrics visit:
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Sami Yusuf (Biography)

Sami Yusuf is a British singer-songwriter, composer, producer and an accomplished musician. Endowed with a strong cultural affiliation to music; privileged with a musical background and having studied music with several renowned composers, including those from one of the world’s most prestigious music institutes – the Royal Academy of Music in London, music is his destiny was unsurprising a prediction acquaintances would so confidently make.

Sami learned to play several musical instruments including the piano, violin, tar, tombak, santour, daf, tabla and oud, to count a few, at a very young age. He bore the passion to etch a mark in the field of music, which he so indelibly did with the release of his groundbreaking debut album, Al-Muallim – an album composed, produced and sung by him.

A young, British-Muslim instantly became the talk of the town in lands as far and diverse as Egypt and Turkey. The album not only sold well over 3 million copies but also earned him a massive following in the Middle East, North African nations and South-East Asia.

Charmed by his good looks and manners so heart warming, the young amongst his fans would emulate what they saw in Sami – a leader. His fans wouldn’t shy away from admitting Sami’s music had changed their lives – for the better. Unheard of before, such an artist-fan tandem flourished with subsequent release of My Ummah, Sami’s highly acclaimed second album selling well over 4 million copies.

Sami Yusuf's Albums

Al-Mu'allim (2003)

  • Al-Mu'allim
  • Who is the Loved One?
  • The Cave of Hira
  • Allahu
  • The Creator
  • Meditation
  • Ya Mustafa
  • Supplication

My Ummah (2005)

  • My Ummah intro
  • My Ummah
  • Hasbi Rabbi
  • Ya Rasulallah
  • Try Not to Cry düet (Outlandish)
  • Muhammad
  • Make a Prayer
  • Eid Song
  • Free
  • Dua (Turkish)
  • Mother
  • We Will Never Submit

Wherever You Are (2010)

  • Wherever You Are
  • Salaam
  • Without You
  • You Came to Me (Turkish)
  • Give the Young a Chance
  • Trials of Life
  • Worry Ends
  • Fragile World
  • In Every Tear, He is There
  • Make Me Strong
  • No Word is Worthy
  • Healing - Şifa (A Smile Can Change A Life)


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